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In science this unit we are learning about different forms of structures, how to build and design a structure correctly, the different types of load and so much more. I am going to list the different types of structures and explain my definition. I hope after reading this post you will understand the different structures.

Solid Structures: most solid structures are solid all the way through, because a mountain is a solid structure but it may have caves in it, as well as an apple may have a worm hole in it. A solid structure weighs more than a hollow structure of the same size and made of the same material. Misty+Mountain+Hop

Frame Structure: is a network of joined parts. The parts are called structural components. Frame structures can exist as just the frame or as a frame covered by a coating. For example; a tennis racket and a spider web are structures that are just frames. Umbrellas, and cars consist of a frame covered by a sort of material. telara%C3%B1a

Shell structures: most strong, hollow structures are called shell structures. If you have blown up a balloon, been in an igloo, or seen an egg; you know what a shell structure is. Since shell structures have space inside them, they often make good containers. They also use very little material in their construction. This means they are very light for its size. Clothing can even be considered shell structures. Taj+Mahal+at+sunset

Combination Structures: Many structures are called combination structures because they are combinations of shell, frame, and solid structures. A house is an example of a combination structure because all of the materials are put together into a frame structure, then the roof is added which is a shell structure, and the materials (nails, plywood, bricks) are the the solid structures.

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