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The place I would love to visit would be the continent of ¬†Australia, because Australia is home to many countries that include beautiful beaches, and is home to many exotic animals. I enjoy swimming and wildlife, which is why I would love to go there and experience all there is to explore. I hear it is also home of many deadly creatures like sharks, spiders, and snakes but other than those issues, I still think it would be great to visit. I don’t know much about the continent, but from what I’ve learned it is home of many things I would like to experience, so if your from Australia please comment and tell me about it and if you like to live there. Here is a website telling you about the continent. Australia.

Student Challenge: challenge 2

~ by ~Simone~ on September 29, 2011 .

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  1.   Wendy Says:

    I am from Australia and it is wonderful down here! in the summer time its great and the water is warm. I like your blog because I think its great! Please visit my blog
    From Wendy

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