Privacy Please!

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When do you think it is appropriate for students to show  pictures of themselves?I don’t think students should show a picture of themselves… a question I ask… who has to see what you look like anyway! This is not “the social network” ment for gossiping. This is a website where you create your own blog to share your writing around the world! You comment and share ideas with other bloggers. There is no need for photos of your self. Students should not even be allowed to have a photo of themselfs, an avatar will do won’t it?…If you wan’t people to know what your ideal figure is! This is not another website to give info about your self so other people can come and track you down and take you! Trust me…you will regret even saying your middle name! As the saying wins again “It’s better safe then sorry!”



Challenge 2

5 thoughts on “Privacy Please!

  1. yeah i am from austraila, i really like your blog, 🙂
    i was thinking about adding more colour but i was sure i could lol 🙂 so whaere are you from? i read your post on not having photo’s on the blogs and i think it is a good idea not to have things like that on your blogs it could make some creep want to try abd find you lol 🙂

  2. I completly agree. i mean do you really want people knowing what you look like or what body type you are? what if your over wieght or have an acne problem? some people arent kind enough to just ignore it, some people have to call on it saying things like “omg whats wrong with your face?!” and other mean things. like you said “isnt an avatar enough?”.


  3. Thank you! You have to tell me about Australia! I would die to go there! When I am older I plan on touring the world…by the way I live in Canada. Alot of people have been telling me about the privacy post and all agreed! Sometimes they go and blackmail you saying “I totally don’t agree” and such on I just delete them. Thank you again! Lets keep in touch.

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