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Challenge 4: Create a post or comment explaining how a blog can be improved

Maddie’s blog

Hi Maddie I have chose you to do my challenge 4 : Leave a comment telling how a blog can be improved. I like how you right about your family and that you really care. Parents do so much for us these days. I think you have really great topics! I think you should work on emphasizing your posts more. Example: explain why your family means allot to you. Yes; your parents might buy you pretty clothes but bring the piece to life and say that they are best people ever and why. Not allot of people wright about their family thats why I chose this blog because you wright about life’s meaning. You should look into topics more and find information. Like for this post you could look up stories and legends from family meanings. Here is something that I like to do to catch readers attention; add really outstanding pictures to match the text. Links are really great too…it shows where your information is from and the website. I really like your widgets…that is an awesome way to make people come back to your site add widgets. There are certain things that people come back to sites;my+new+safe


~good topics

~helpful information

~reliable info


~simply the blog

These are ways to attract new people to come back. You are doing an awesome job at it. Take my advice into consideration and you will have the best blog ever!

This isn’t just for Madisson but every one should take this advice! Click the link Maddie’s blog understand this post.

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