.:Foot Steps to a Positive Side:.

This is #5 on challenge 7
A positive digital footprint is people seeing you in a positive or negitive way on the internet. When people type your name on the search bar and google it, your name may appear first of all because you have a blog, it could go to your Facebook or MySpace account too and can read your crative posts and discussions. Having profiles like a blog or Facebook increases the risk of safety too though, but it helps your employer to know your personal status when you get a job, if you have inapropriate photos of yourself or have bad language you are likely not to get a job. If he/she likes your status and your creativity he/she may want to put you under a categorie that with you best skills e.g. if you have very interesting posts with very good metaphors and punctuation you may get a job for wrting down the daily specials in a restaurant and introducing the customers. A digital foot print is all about your presence of everything.


.:Are You Aware of Your Digital Footprint?:.

Now you have to ask yourself a few questions. “Do you write posts that involve school work, or do you write posts about games and no0thing school related?” “Do you use the spelling and grammar check after you finish a post?” “Do you use your first name or you full name?” “Do you include personal pictures of yourself and friends on your blog or Facebook page?”. When you ask yourself these questions you have to relise if your digital footprint is positive or negitive.

You shoulden’t have to make your parents make sure you are being internet savvy. You should know what right from wrong is. But like all parents, they want the best for you so they are forever on your blog or facebook wall seeing what mischious you’ve been up to, I experiance this every day. If you are not being internet savvy that is the choice you have to make…in the end you will have to pay the price.

“Do you have a positive digital footprint?”…think about it.

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