.:Footprints-the Traces You Never Knew You Left Behind:.

I have learned about ¬†footprints in my blogging experiences, and it is important to notice if you leave any important information behind. No, not a footprint when you walk and it leaves the shape of your foot. A digital footprint. It’s traces of your profile, and personal info that should be kept private for security and safety reasons. I have researched myself on google; I typed in my full name and town but nothing showed up. I have joined many websites on the internet like:







and lots of other websites, but most were very unimportant things like games I used to play when I was younger like stardom. But I am careful not to share my information with everyone. I also have my privacy settings on websites like Facebook to ‘friends only’ which means that only the people I add can view my profile. But you must be careful what you upload on the internet because it could end up in the wrong place.Carbon+footprint

.:Are You Aware of Your Digital Footprint?:.

Now you have to ask yourself a few questions. ¬†“Do you use your first name or you full name?” “Do you include personal pictures of yourself and friends on your blog or Facebook page?”. When you ask yourself these questions you have to relise if your digital footprint is positive or negative. Go search your name on google, your name might just pop up.

You shoulden’t have to make your parents make sure you are being internet savvy. You should know what right from wrong is. But like all parents, they want the best for you so they are forever on your blog or facebook wall seeing what mischief you’ve been up to, I experiance this every day. If you are not being internet savvy that is the choice you have to make…in the end you will have to pay the price.

Challenge 3, activity 1

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