.:What Kind of User Are You?:.

The type of user that I am is a Creator, a Joiner, and a Spectator. I am a creator because I have a blog of my own and write posts, I am a joiner because I like to join social networks like Facebook and email, and I am a spectator because I read other blogs, and listen to podcasts. Look at the Chart and see what kind of user you are.


I know that my house hold family are all joiners because we all join social networking websites, and my grandparents are both definitely inactive because they just use a computer to research things on the internet and type documents. over the four years since this was created I think that statistics have defiantly changed because more young teens have been introduced to the internet, and so have more seniors. Also there is allot more jobs that involve computers so there will be more spectators and critics in every age group. Since Facebook popular and very useful now, allot more adults will fall under the category joiner. The internet is so useful now almost every house hold owns a computer. I think the statistics have changed drastically since this infographic was made.

Challenge 3, activity 4


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