.:How you can go from Zero Comments to 100:.

I created a pole, to attract more people to my blog to get more visitors and comments from other country, some people may also interested in music and want to share what music they like, and eventually visit my blog again hopefully. You could create a pole like me, make a poster mentioning “Visit My Blog”, comment on other peoples blogs so they will comment back. Add widgets to your sidebar attracting all interests of different bloggers, provide a picture in every post- it attracts more people to your blog because people like to look at allot of colours displayed throughout your blog and it makes it look more presentable, write a post saying “Give me your opinion, and comment on my blog”. Make a freelance story that might attract bloggers who are interested in the topic you chose view and comment on your blog, have a page that you update every week so then bloggers may want to come back and read the next weeks issue like my Harry Potter page I have on my blog. Write a post every month or week about some blogs that caught your eye and mention their names and link so when other bloggers read the post they may want to impress you with their creative skills and come back often to see if you mentioned them, or you could also join the student challenge and do your best because your name could be mentioned by Miss Wyatt, and other bloggers will visit the link.

Student Challenge, activity 3

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