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My family consists of five people; my mom Jacqueline, my dad Jeff, my oldest brother Nevin, my second oldest brother Josh, and me. We live on a farm in Southern Ontario, Canada. We grow pigs from birth to market, chickens, and grow crops in our fields such as commercial corn, soybeans, wheat, and sweet corn. We have a dog-Juciy who is a pure bred German Rottweiler, she is 11 years old.

On my mom’s side of the family we have 17 people in the family. My mom’s side is pure Dutch. Both my grandparents are born in Holland, and immigrated here to Canada during the war. My family, my Aunt Grace and Uncle Ron’s family with two kids- Michelle who is 24 and Daniel who is 22. They are famers like my personal family. Michelle just got married last year in August to my new cousin-in-law Derek. Then there is My Aunt Brenda and Uncle Ken’s family, they have three children; my cousin Olivia who is 18, in Grade 13, Graham- he is 20, he works in construction, and my cousin Keisha who is 21 and just got married this year in June to Brandon, she is a Registered Nurse. My Aunt Brenda works in a group home, she looks after the disabled, and my Uncle Ken is an Electrician. Then there is my Grandma and Grandpa. My Grandma’s name is Jean, and my Grandpa’s name is Dirk. They are both 75 years old, they have been married for 53 years. My Grandma Jean never had an occupation, but my Grandpa Dirk is a retired farmer.

photoMy Dad’s side of the family has allot of relatives. This side of the family’s bloodline originated from Holland, and Belgium. My grandma was born in Holland, and my grandpa was born in Belgium. They both immigrated during the war. My Grandma and Grandpa had five kids; the oldest- my Uncle Wayne, then my Aunt Dianne, my Aunt Linda, my dad, then my Uncle Kevin. My Uncle Wayne who has is own company renting out trucks, and tractors for farmers is married to my Aunty Anne who works for the Government as a secretary in a Hospital, they have two kids Daniel, who works for his Dad’s business, and Nicole who is a Kinesiologist, they ¬†are both in their mid 20s. My Aunt Dianne is married to my Uncle Scott, with two children who are my cousins Dana who is 15, and Ryan who is 13 like myself. My Uncle Scott is Vice President of a trucking company, their family lives in Florida in the U.S.A. My Aunt Linda is married to my Uncle Paul, they have two kids as well- Stephanie 26, and Adrian who is 18. My aunt Linda and Uncle Paul own a Bulkbarn store (famous candy stores) in a city close to where I live. My Uncle Kevin- who is a miner is married to my Aunt Bridget- who is a online teacher. They have three kids, Lourena who is 7, Sarah who is 6, and they just had a baby in April- his name is Leo. My Uncle Kevin’s family lives in northern Ontario, right along the Quebec border because my Aunt Bridget is French. My Grandma’s name is Rena she is 75(canadian name is Irene, Rena is her Dutch name), my cousin Lourena was named after her and Lourena’s other Grandma- Louise. My aunt and uncle combined the two times Rena and Louise. My Grandpa’s name is Joe, he is 82 years old.

Together as a family, we have been to Florida to Disneyland and to visit my cousins who live there, Quebec to visit my cousins, Ohio (U.S) we went to Cedar Point and Kalahari (amusement park, and water park), Kentucky farm show in the U.S, Niagara Falls two times, which is in northern Ontario. We have been to Toronto to the Ontario Science Centre, the Royal Agriculture Winter Fair, CN tower, and plays in the theatres there.

I have a very big family as you can see. I am very blessed to have both of my grandparents from each side of the family still alive today, many families don’t have that. I love my family and wouldn’t change one thing.

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