This will be my last post for the challenge! Thank you to every one who has nominated me, if I could I would nominate everyone- but unfortunatly I can’t. Good Luck to everyone in the challennge! Also a reminder to people who are planning to write a post about their nominations; the link to the person’s blog should be a link to a post on their blog so they get the pingback and know you nominated them. Here are my nominations:

Best Student Blog: Gemma
I have just recently found Gemma’s blog a couple of weeks ago, and I visit it often. Her blog is very dedicated to the challenge this year, and always has posts that want to make you actually keep reading. She always comments back on my blog as soon as possible. She always has photos for every post, and lots of description. Gemma’s blog is very complex, and is good blog model for her age group to look up to. My best to Gemma and her blog throughout the rest of the year!

Best Class Blog: The Plugged- In Portable

This classroom blog is always up to date with technology, and sharing it with the rest of the blogging world. These students participate in school work involving technology, much like my classroom. This class blog is always sharing what their class is doing, which is very interesting to come back every week to find out what other new activities they did. The students in this class are very lucky! They got to talk to astronaut Chris Hadfield on Skype- how cool is that? I think this is a good representation of a class blog. Keep up the good work!

Challenge 10

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  1. Hi Simone,
    Thanks so much for nominating me! I really appreciate it. I hope the same for your blog as I nominated it, and that even though I am in Year 6 and you are in Year 8, we can still be blogging friends.

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